That’s One Small Step

“That’s One Small Step” film invites the audience to reflect what is the true essence of Pro-choice. In the political global climate, abortion is illegal or severely restricted by law in an estimated 125 countries worldwide, mostly in Africa, Latin America, South Asia and the Middle East.


We are thrilled to announce that our film “That’s One Small Step” received three awards awarded by The IndieFest Film Awards:

Adelina Suvagau, Imagine Freedom Films Inc. (Canada), That’s One Small Step

  • Award of Recognition: Women Filmmakers
  • Award of Recognition: Script / Writer, Sonia Suvagau
  • Award of Recognition: Direction


“This compelling film shows the harsh and sad effects of anti-abortion stigma and laws on women. It may be set in 1969 America, but still applies to many countries today and even the U.S. We must never go back.”

Joyce Arthur
Pro-choice Activist